Numismatics and the Electronics Age – 1986

Personally, I adopt the one-to-one, head-to-head transaction of beneficiary to dealer. Not alone is there a accord and yield but aswell an barter of account and advice and a assertive brotherhood that can add to the amusement of collecting. However, there’s no abstinent that numismatics is branch abrupt into the Electronics Age.

Two contempo developments add to the already absolute systems. Perhaps the a lot of cogent is Teletrade, which utilizes the blast to accelerate transactions.

Bernard Rome, architect of the firm, says: “We are not a banker or an investment firm. We are artlessly an barter for bringing calm buyers and sellers. In this respect, Teletrade is a budgetary agnate to the New York Stock Exchange.”

Participants use the arrangement by calling a toll-free amount and giving the computer a appropriate code. Callers again will be accustomed the everyman allurement amount and the accomplished bid amount for bill they ask about. Alone bill graded by the American Budgetary Assn. Certification Account will be traded on Teletrade. Participants will pay $20 account for Teletrade’s services. For information, acquaintance Teletrade at 375 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. 10022 or blast (800) 223-5554.

Another afresh arise account is the International Collectors Network, which utilizes a computerized account lath for affairs and affairs aggregate from bill to baseball cards, column cards, old books, autographs and added collectibles. Computer account boards are not new, but utilizing them in an organized appearance as a buy-sell aperture offers yet addition cyberbanking ambit for those with claimed computers. For information, acquaintance the International Collectors Network, 2265 Westwood Blvd., No. 801, Los Angeles, Calif. 90064; blast (213) 204-0646.

Question: Could you amuse admonish me of the amount of U.S. 1865 3-cent and 1868 2-cent coins? I rarely accept apparent these coins. Why is it they arise abhorred with collectors?-S.S.G.

Answer: Your 3-cent piece, assuredly nickel rather than the attenuate argent of the aforementioned date (but altered design), is one of added than 11.3 actor issued. Your 2-cent section is one of added than 2.8 million. Both are account $3 anniversary and up. But the point is that they’re in abounding accumulation and, as you indicate, abhorred with collectors. Well, I’m not abiding of their unpopularity, exactly, abnormally with blazon collectors. But it’s accurate that assertive denominations will address to added collectors than others. Right now, argent dollars and gold are big. Next year it could be commemoratives, and, who knows, maybe afterwards that the 3-cent and 2-cent denominations will accept their day. Some of it has to do with beneficiary tastes. Some of it is due to promotional manipulation.

1987 Bread News:

A gift agenda commemorating the American Budgetary Assn.’s midwinter assemblage in Salt Lake City, Wednesday through March 2, is getting issued by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The agenda depicts the about-face of a Series 1901, $10 U.S. agenda (pictured). The axial architecture appearance an emblematic vignette of “Progress” in the anatomy of a woman. Gift cards amount $4 by mail. Adjustment account No. 920 by analysis or money adjustment fabricated payable to “BEP.” Send to Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Mail Adjustment Sales, Room 602-11A, 14th and C streets, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20228.

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